Chad Ayers – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Vocals

Growing up in the Bloomfield area, he started playing guitar in grade school and the music never stopped. Chad played his first few bar gigs before he could legally vote. Both performing and recording, he now plays or has played in a number of Rochester area groups (The Ayers Brothers, Barrington Street, Blue Jimmy) and has opened for numerous touring national artists. Being surrounded by amazing talent throughout his years playing is what he attributes to his love for playing and performing. His most notable influences in the guitar world are from names like Jerry Garcia, Mike Campbell, John Mayer, and Robbie Robertson. Sharing the lead singing duties in Mud Creek, Chad also brings melodic leads, chunky rhythms, and specializes in blending in vocal harmonies whenever possible. Playing in both Mud Creek and the stripped down acoustic version Creek’s Edge has driven his development as a player and love for roots music.  

Other Band Members
Andy Opett – Drums & Percussion
Bryan Law – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Manny Gaspar – Piano, Organs, Vocals
Trevor Whiting – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Vocals