Bryan Law – Bass Guitar, Vocals

Laying down all the low notes and making the groove, B-Law is our big boss man. He has been playing bass for more than 30 years in numerous groups (Creek’s Edge, Barrington Street, Calico Soul) and lists his major influences as John Paul Jones, Jim Creeggan, Geddy Lee, and Mike Gordon. Feeding off the vibe of the crowd, his love for playing and entertaining is easy to see. His favorite aspect  of this group is the band’s ability to play songs with a style and feel that makes people move. The more the crowd is moving, the more he feels the groove.

Other Band Members
Andy Opett – Drums & Percussion
Chad Ayers – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Vocals
Manny Gaspar – Piano, Organs, Vocals
Trevor Whiting – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Vocals