Andy Opett – Drums & Percussion


Sitting behind it all and laying it down, Andy has been drumming for nearly 35 years and has been involved in the Rochester area music scene (Blue Laws, Barrington Street). As one half of Mud Creek’s rhythm section, he is the footer of the band and makes sure the groove will not fade away. His in the pocket playing and ability to accent all the right moments makes the group gel together. When talking about who has influenced his playing, Andy drops names like Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcaro, John Bonham, and Carlos Vega. His favorite part about this group is how long they’ve known and played together, which leads to an intuitiveness that everyone in the group uses to communicate and create some unique moments. 

Other Band Members
Bryan Law – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Chad Ayers – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Vocals
Manny Gaspar – Piano, Organs, Vocals
Trevor Whiting – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Vocals